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Basic Pricing

Oil Change                                                   

Isn't your car worth
the extra protection?


Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil Change Plus Filter
I5W50 I0W30 5W30 0W30               $42.95 

Mobil Conventional Oil Change Plus Filter
I0W40 I0W30 5W30 HD                   $26.95

With your oil change all tires will be checked free of charge
Fluids will be topped off & up to 5 qts. of oil

State Inspection and Emission

State Inspection                             $20.00
Emission Test                                 $49.95(pass or fail)

State Inspection Policy

If your car is safe, it will pass inspection. Please do not ask us to disobey the law.
Valid Registration Card and Proof Of Insurance Card Required.

Labor Rate                                     $90 (per hour)
Diagnostic Rate                            $98 (per hour)

Our Labor will not be warranted against PARTS SUPPLIED BY THE CUSTOMER